LBP Mission

Our Mission

Ordo Templi Orientis is now over 100 years old. Throughout the many successes and failures of the past century, hundreds of local bodies have opened and closed their doors.

We now stand at a particular point of history: our tumultuous past is quickly receding and a challenging future looms ahead. Even though individual Thelemites tend to keep records and preserve correspondence, much of the regional history and cultural identity could easily become lost to history.

The goal of the Local Body Project is twofold:
1. To document as much information as possible about every local body in the United States.
2. To organize this information in an intuitive and accessible manner so that it may be of use for our current and future brethren.

The purpose of the Local Body Project is to help Order members understand our current place in history, as by detailing the past the way forward is made clearer.

As we move forward with our great social experiment we must take care to record our progress in as many ways as possible, the Local Body Project can be one such way to inform our future brethren and preserve our legacy. In short, the overall intent of this project is "continuing knowledge from generation unto generation."